Getting ready for spring-new adventures awaits

Spring is here in Chicago. For the past few weeks it has been raining. Today, the sky was covered with dark clouds in the morning but quickly drifted away in the afternoon. The temperature began to rose from lower 60s to high 80s. It was such a superb weather for sunbathing, I also meant for the plants. I took the remaining plants that survived the super strong wind from yesterday for a sunbathe. I also did a little shopping for our garden, got some tulip and ranunculus bulbs. It’s a matter of time before our garden blooms with colorful tulips, lilies, ranunculus, peppers, basil, mixed wild flowers, cherry tomatoes, and more additions in the future. This is what Spring is all about: the birth of life.  And also the beginning of a whole new adventure!

A whole new adventure, starting from food choices. As I was packaging for tomorrow’s lunch, I suddenly decided to ditch the same old kind of lunch (typical rice with meals and vegetables) and make sometime different.  Something I never had nor ate before: a nori sandwich. A sandwich made with seasoned rice (ketchup mixed with white rice) and added in whatever meat i can find in the refrigerator sandwiched between the rice and wrapped with seaweed. Technically, it’s more like sushi roll but in a different dimension and with different ingredients.



Taste of Aloha!

Over the recent years, there’s a few fast food chain on the rise includes Chipotle that serves American style Mexican burrito and tacos. Last year, I was introduced to another fast food place that hid in the loop and Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. Aloha serves sashimi (raw fishes) over a bowl of rice with condiments. At first when I heard about Aloha, I thought it was a restaurant that serves Hawaiian cuisine. I was super excited as I never had Hawaiian cuisine before. Much to my surprise, it was a fast food place. It is a sashimi version of Chipotle. I believe it got its name from the colorfulness of  the bowl. Their menu style is so much similar to Chipotle, where you choose the size of bowl, select the base (white rice, brown rice or greens), pick the poke (tuna, salmon or tofu) and finished it off with condiments to go on top of the bowl. The food was quite refreshing, tasted nothing like sushi (raw fish over rice) nor rolls (raw fish with condiments rolled with rice). It does give you that Hawaiian feeling (although I never been there). Most restaurant are beginning to incorporated recycling ideas. This one in particular uses empty cans to grow small house plants for their decoration. I believe it supply people with idea on how to recycle their empty cans as well.