Matcha Red bean paste Macaroon

Surprisingly, there’s expiration date on almond flour. The almond flour bought earlier this year must be used before the 21th of the September. This is a call for macaroon! Macaroon has been a miss and hit for me. Sometimes it turns out right sometimes it cracks. I haven’t made any for awhile and this time, I’m using Amanda tastes recipe with some addition of my own, I present to you Matcha Red Bean Paste Macaroon.


3 egg white (room temperature)

75g sugar

120g Almond flour

150g powdered sugar

1/2 tsp of matcha green tea powder

green liquid coloring

red bean paste (for filling)

The methodology is the same as for any macaroon and it is widely on the internet. Combine and sift the almond flour, powdered sugar and matcha green tea powder together in a bowl. On the other hand, beat the egg white with sugar until it reaches a soft peak. Once it reaches a soft peak, add 1 to 2 drops green coloring. Fold in the flour with the egg white mixture until it reaches consistency. Pipette the mixture unto a parchment paper and hit the pan of batter unto the table to get most of the air bubbles out. And lastly, let the batter sit for 30-1 hrs until the top is dry. Once the top is dry, it is ready for the oven. I preheat the oven for 300 degree F and lower it to 275degree F before I put in the batter for 15minutes. As for fillings, I use the ready made red bean paste from the supermarket. It was much of a success with only a few cracks.