Anderson Japanese Garden

Anderson Japanese Garden located in Rockford, Illinois roughly about 1 1/2 hour from the heart of Chicago. Walking down the trails of the garden on a sunny day, one can explore the beautiful scenery and its landscape.  There are many ponds, waterfalls,  tea house and a guest house of Japanese style architectures. This garden provides a very peaceful and relaxing environment, which is ideal for a Sunday walk. It is also a great place to practice photography as well especially on a sunny day. I saw a newly wed having their wedding photos taken on the day that I visited. There is admission fee to help keep the garden running. For those that are interesting in buying souvenirs, there’s a gift shop located at the entrance of the garden. They carry lots of cute Japanese items to bring back to love ones.


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Eagle Point & Guano Point- Grand Canyon West


Two and a half hour from Las Vegas Strip is the closest Grand Canyon West – Eagle Point. Eagle Point got its name from the rock formation of the Canyon that resembles the shape of an eagle with both wings spreading out. Another main attraction on this side of the canyon beside the beautiful scenery of the canyon  is the skywalk. The skywalk is a horseshoe like glass bridge that extended outward on top the canyon which was opened in 2007. Walking on the bridge, one can observed the Colorado river right under their feet. Besides viewing the Canyon at the top, one can also take a helicopter ride down the basin and take a short boat ride of the Colorado river. Although it was quite costly, there were a lot of tourist took the ride down the river. 20150129_12092520150129_12192020150129_13004320150129_12100220150129_12193920150129_13002720150129_125648