French Night: Chez Moi

I always want to try French Cuisine; the cuisine that is known for its exquisiteness.  I always have the mentality that French dishes are served in a very small portions on a very large plate with rich sauces at a very high price.

We were excited that one of the French restaurant was part taking in the restaurant week. We were very excited and decided to try it out. My first ever French experience (french fries don’t count!) We were already planning to have dessert or another meal afterwards, thinking our stomach will not be satisfied from the small portion of food. When our food arrived, contrary to our beliefs, the food at Chez Moi is at a reasonable size. It won’t considered a French experience without trying out the French’s famous luxurious escargots. Startled by the green color at first, but I was amazed how smooth the texture was. The other dishes ordered was  pretty amazing with rich favors. It was worth the experience.


Hazelnut Chocolate French Crepe

One of the greatest thing in life is when someone share things with you, especially great food. A coworker of mines brought some hazelnut chocolate crepe to our happy lunch table one day and immediately I felt in love with it. This crepe can be found at Costco and was imported from France, sounds luxury already in my opinion. I believe this snack is seasonal as they don’t carry them at Costco year round. It did took me a while to find them in the store, I was going through aisle after aisle. The crepe was so thin, which reminded me of the Lady M crepe cake that I had before. Obviously its not the same as the Lady M crepe cake, but the thinly layers of crepe, although chewy, does melts in my mouth if leave a bit longer. The hazelnut chocolate fillings is not too sweet which creates a nice blend. It is great for anytime snack.

Sweet Chats in French Asian Styles

There’s a saying that sweets lightens your mood. I’m completely agreed with this saying as I love desserts in any form at any given time. I also enjoys dessert no matter what mood I am in to satisfy my sweet tooth.  A year back, there’s a local advertised french asian style cafe opened down the street from where I lived. Personally, I was very excited about this new addition to the neighborhood. When they finally open for business, I was so eager to try but couldn’t find the time. Those that have tried had mixed reviews, most said it was mediocre. Last year, I finally find a time to give it a try not once but twice before they closed for new management this year (2017). It was a small cafe with some interesting dessert choices of egglette, toast and ice cream. On top of dessert, they also serves lunch and dinner with a few choices of burger and tacos. The first time I was there, we had mocha coffee, banana split and tiramisu egglette. We spent a nice amount of time chatting recent events and talking about the future road during a rainy night (ironic isn’t it). My second and last time to J smile was after a workshop event that tormented us for a week and also to celebrate one coworker’s anniversary and another one’s birthday. It was a nice short gathering to celebrate all three special events (kill 3 birds with 1 stone LOL). We tried the humongous toast which turns out to be quite delicious, the slider and taco was so-so, the egglette was unique in the area. Overall, I thought the food was very presentable.