Anderson Japanese Garden

Anderson Japanese Garden located in Rockford, Illinois roughly about 1 1/2 hour from the heart of Chicago. Walking down the trails of the garden on a sunny day, one can explore the beautiful scenery and its landscape.  There are many ponds, waterfalls,  tea house and a guest house of Japanese style architectures. This garden provides a very peaceful and relaxing environment, which is ideal for a Sunday walk. It is also a great place to practice photography as well especially on a sunny day. I saw a newly wed having their wedding photos taken on the day that I visited. There is admission fee to help keep the garden running. For those that are interesting in buying souvenirs, there’s a gift shop located at the entrance of the garden. They carry lots of cute Japanese items to bring back to love ones.


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Chicago Restaurant Week Jan27-feb9,2017

Chicago Restaurant Week has become a tradition for Chicagoan food lovers. The number of restaurants participating in this event has increased, food varies from European to Asian fusion style dishes served from brunch to dinner. During restaurant week, restaurants that are participating will offer a special menu at a fixed price in addition to their regular menu option.

This is our( at least my) 2 or 3 anniversary in partaking the restaurant week to try out different types of food and crossing out some of the bucket list. First stop was Mago Grill, a Mexican type restaurant right next to Roosevelt icon theater, for brunch. When the waitress offer me a restaurant week menu as we sat down, I was taken by surprised that they were one of them. Overall the food was descent, size portion was abit smaller than I expected. However, their drinks was superb! It was juice mixed with champagne as what we were told, but we couldn’t pronounce nor remember the drink name.

Last stop was Catch 35 on upper Wacker Dr for dinner. This place serves seafood and premium steak. The decor was modern with displayed seafood freezer near the front of the restaurant. It was almost a full house on that super bowl night, we were seated all the way to the back of the restaurant and their washroom was all the way in the front next to the coat service. I felt unease giving a catwalk just to use the bathroom. Before our food arrived, we were told that one of our acquaintance tried this place last year said the portions were small and weren’t enough to satisfied her appetite. So we held unto this type of expectation.  Once the main entrees arrived to the table, we thought to ourselves either our acquaintance had a super big stomach, went to the wrong place or we are super special that they served us more as we were super full half way through our entrees. We were unable to completely finished emptying out the plates. We finished the night with some delicious desserts, you know what they say: there’s always room for dessert no matter how full you are. Again, we don’t understand how someone of our figure wasn’t full with so much food 😉