French Night: Chez Moi

I always want to try French Cuisine; the cuisine that is known for its exquisiteness.  I always have the mentality that French dishes are served in a very small portions on a very large plate with rich sauces at a very high price.

We were excited that one of the French restaurant was part taking in the restaurant week. We were very excited and decided to try it out. My first ever French experience (french fries don’t count!) We were already planning to have dessert or another meal afterwards, thinking our stomach will not be satisfied from the small portion of food. When our food arrived, contrary to our beliefs, the food at Chez Moi is at a reasonable size. It won’t considered a French experience without trying out the French’s famous luxurious escargots. Startled by the green color at first, but I was amazed how smooth the texture was. The other dishes ordered was  pretty amazing with rich favors. It was worth the experience.


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