Childhood memories-Lisa Frank Merchandise

One of my favorite store in the area is DollarTree. Sometimes I can find some real treasures for only a dollar. Don’t underestimate this place, they sometimes carry the exact items that can be found elsewhere for three or four times the price. I often shop there for baking pans, accessories, stationary, gift bags, books and seasonal accessories. Recently, I was shopping around for craft ideas and I stumbled upon Lisa Frank merchandises. I’m surprised this line of characters still exists after so many years. It once had its glorious moment back in the 90s when I was in grade school, around 9 years old. Every girl in my class was so obsessed with it; there were  Lisa Frank sticker book, pencil cases, notebooks, school bags, etc. I remember going to the store and saw a whole section filled with Lisa Frank products. I looked down at the price tag and shocked at those high digits. I was a kid with no job and I was raised in a very frugal environment; my parents will never spoil their kids nor reward them with good grades unlike most parents in my class. For unnecessary stuff, I won’t ask my parent’s for money. As far as I remember, I probably bought one or two of the Lisa Frank stationary using my new year money which was customary in our culture for married adults to give the kids during new year for luck. As an adult, seeing the products or characters that I grew up with, still exists in today’s market really brings back joy and memories.


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