Cream Cheese Pan Fried Buns

Recently, I have experimented on steamed buns and have continuously making them for a period of time. Today I want to try something new, something different. I YouTube some recipes and stumbled upon a recipe from Amanda Taste. Her recipe doesn’t required any baking nor steaming. She introduced me to a new method of preparing buns: pan fried. This is so intriguing and quite interesting. Thought I’ll give it a try. The ingredients are quite simple (I do not own the recipe, credit goes to Amanda Taste’s channel on YouTube

250g Bread Flour

125g of milk

1 egg

1tsp of active yeast

3 Tbsp of sugar

pinch of salt

60g of softened butter

100g powdered sugar

150g cream cheese

The method is very simple. First, combine bread flour, milk, egg, yeast, salt and sugar together until the dough is formed. Next, slowly add the softened butter in 3 parts to the dough so that dough can be absorbed. Set the dough aside to rise, this takes roughly about 2 hours depending on the temperature. I usually place it on the upper rack inside the oven with a bowl of hot water right under the dough so it can rise faster. In the meantime, on a separate bowl, whisk the cream cheese until loosen and add the powdered sugar into the mix. This will be the filling. Once the dough is ready (rise twice in size), divide the dough into small individual balls. Flattens each dough balls into thin round sheets and wrap the fillings with it. Place the uncooked buns unto a parchment paper and transfer them into a pan, cover the pan with a lid. Turn on the stove and put it on the lowest setting. Wait until the buns expand in size and flip the buns over. According to Amanda’s Taste, it takes 8 minutes to be cooked. For some reason, mines took an hour or so. I thought maybe the difference in stove setting, pans, or size of the buns? I want to play it safe and cook longer than expected. But definitely 8 minutes is nowhere near cook in my case. I make this twice, the first batch with all purpose flour and the second batch with bread flour. Because the first batch I use was all purpose flour, I thought maybe that might be the reason my batch takes so much longer than what was shown. Therefore, I went and purchased bread flour for the second batch which sadly turns out to use the same amount of time. The texture on both type of flour used is slightly different in my opinion. Overall, it was a fun new experience. It does takes a lots of patience in pan frying these buns in my case.



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