Homemade Tacos- Taste just like Home-made

Today, for some reason we have the urge to made tacos. While shopping at a local Jewel-Osco store, I spotted chicken breast was on sale. Perfect! Just what I need. Our style of tacos is very simple and so far nowhere in Chicago (as far as I know) sells them.

The recipe is fairly simple:

chicken breast


yellow onion

red recado and salt

hot sauce (optional)

corn/ flour tortilla

We seasoned the chicken breast with red recado and salt and put it in a pot of water, then slow cook it until the meat is so tender that they are shredded. This process may take an hour to two depending on the amount of meat. In the meantime, we dice the onions and cut the cilantro in smaller bits. Once the meat is ready, we place the meat, cilantro, onions and hot sauce (optional) on the tortilla and roll it up to be eaten. It was delicious! The meat was so juicy. The only downside was the tortillas, it crumbles as it gets cold. I wish I can find freshly made tortillas like I did before at a flea market many years ago. That stall makes the tortilla from scratch infront of you as you order your tacos. Unfortunately, a year back when I visit the place, they were no longer there. I have tried to make the tortilla once from scratch after watching them performed but failed. They made it look so easy yet so hard to accomplished. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try again.


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