Taste of Spanish Tapas

I wonder when did all this food adventure started? I remember in the past, I don’t like to dine out mainly because I was a poor college student struggling to pay off school and expenses. At that time I was only exposed to Chinese and Mexican food, therefore food was not of my interest. It is not until the summer before graduation from college that my friend and I went to an Indian restaurant for lunch on the west campus of UIC  That was the first time I ever had Indian food; my overall impression was that all their dishes are heavily covered with sauces. I remember during that summer we set a goal to try out different cultural food by the next summer. Well, we failed that mission. Slowly as my gals are graduating one by one, we are trying to venture out different places for different occasions. Now that we are all out of school, we have more time venturing.

Tapas is a Spanish type of cuisine which serves several small portions of different appetizers or snacks which can be hot or cold.  Honestly, I never knew what tapas was until I had it first at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in 2015. I’m not sure what we ordered, but when the food arrived, i was surprised. Surprised that it was unique, something i never had before; there was a little bit of everything on the plate.

A year later, we stop by another Spanish Cuisine: Tapas Valencia. I remember that night we had a musical to see, thus we calculated and prepared enough time to order and eat until our waitress came over and informed us that one of our dishes will take at least 45 mins. Because of the high reviews of that particular dish, we decided to wait for it worst case scenario we can pack it to go. As one may learn, it is not wise to trust your waitress; the 45 min dish came in 30 mins (yes, I do think it is fully cooked. No ambulance was needed).  The food was delicious, the bacon dates standout the most. It had a sweet and salty flavor combined with a rich sauce. Overall, it was a nice experience.


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