Sweet Chats in French Asian Styles

There’s a saying that sweets lightens your mood. I’m completely agreed with this saying as I love desserts in any form at any given time. I also enjoys dessert no matter what mood I am in to satisfy my sweet tooth.  A year back, there’s a local advertised french asian style cafe opened down the street from where I lived. Personally, I was very excited about this new addition to the neighborhood. When they finally open for business, I was so eager to try but couldn’t find the time. Those that have tried had mixed reviews, most said it was mediocre. Last year, I finally find a time to give it a try not once but twice before they closed for new management this year (2017). It was a small cafe with some interesting dessert choices of egglette, toast and ice cream. On top of dessert, they also serves lunch and dinner with a few choices of burger and tacos. The first time I was there, we had mocha coffee, banana split and tiramisu egglette. We spent a nice amount of time chatting recent events and talking about the future road during a rainy night (ironic isn’t it). My second and last time to J smile was after a workshop event that tormented us for a week and also to celebrate one coworker’s anniversary and another one’s birthday. It was a nice short gathering to celebrate all three special events (kill 3 birds with 1 stone LOL). We tried the humongous toast which turns out to be quite delicious, the slider and taco was so-so, the egglette was unique in the area. Overall, I thought the food was very presentable.


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