Broadway Night

I remember my first introduction to live show was during  senior year in high school when our English teacher took us to see one of the Shakespeare play ( Hamlet) at Shakespeare theater in Navy Pier. Since my introduction to live play did I admired how talented those people were,  it was nothing like tv dramas. In tv drama, there are many takes before the prefect scenes are shown to the audience, whereas in live shows it’s just one take just like in real life. In live shows, audience will witness any mistakes the performers make as well as the efforts they put into the show.

Last year 2016, Christmas Cantata came to tour Chicago at Arie Crown theater. They came to celebrate early Christmas with us with some brilliant musical play of the birth of Jesus Christ and a story of a selfish little girl and more Christmas caroling. This musical group tours over 44 different countries and so far they comes to Chicago every year. Make sure to register to get free tickets next year.


Nutcracker is a famous play as well as a character. I never knew what it is about except a doll dressed in soldier uniform. When I saw tickets were on sale to a Nutcracker ballet show, I decided to go see what this classic show is about. I always believe timing is my biggest foe. It was forecast that there will be a snow storm coming that night. It hasn’t started snowing when we leave the house nor when we arrive at the Athenaeum Theatre. This is my first time watching ballet live, it was very interesting as I always thought ballet was very boring but it turns out to be quite the contrary. There were a lot of kids among the performers as well as the audience. When the show ended, the snow storm has begun. We were driving 10 mph locally. By the time we got home, the snow is over few inches and my car almost slid due to so much snow that accumulates around the tires, the brake can not brake when I came to a stop sign. It was very fortunate we got home safely.


Earlier this year (2017), Illusionist was touring Chicago. We were excited as we didn’t have the money to see David Copperfield in Vegas, we can finally see a magic show without breaking a leg. We were able to catch the last show before they leave town. It was not JUST a magic show, it was also audience engaging and comedy type of magic show. The entire show brings so much laughter and fear (only in my part as we sat in the middle row by the edge of the aisle and the magician often comes down that aisle to pick an audience to join them in performing tricks, praying not to pick me).


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