Attempting to try Chinese Rice Pudding 缽仔糕

It started a week ago, when my coworker suddenly have a carve for Chinese rice pudding as we called it 缽仔糕 in Chinese. I find it very intriguing as I have never had one before, thus I googled the recipe and the tutorial. It looked very simple, therefore, I want to give it a try. I came across matchamochimoo’s blog for recipe. Luckily, I had most of the ingredients at home except chestnut starch. So instead, I used potato starch, to save myself a trip to a local Chinese grocery store. I prepare the batter accordingly and bake in a muffin pan for 25 minutes. Once it’s out of the steamer for 25 minutes, I let it cool as it gets harden.


Because I love green tea, I added a 1 Tablespoon of matcha powder to another batch minus the red bean. Although it is not as presentable, the rice pudding is heavily flavored. Overall, I pretty satisfied with my first experience of making Rice Pudding and it’s easy recipe, however, I need to improve on how to eliminate the hole in the center. I tried pouring the batter into the hot muffin pan when the water reached it’s boiling point, I also try pouring the batter into a room temperature muffin pan and place it in the water when it reaches it’s boiling point.



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